Amputee’s Climb For Charity

Mandy Mcspirit-dazely from Bold is climbing Moel Famau in Wales later this month to raise money for local charity Amputation, Inspiration, Motivation (AIM) which was set up by veteran Andy Reid.

Mandy tells us her story “On december 20th 2005 I was involved in an road traffic accident whilst riding pillion on a motorbike with my husband. “That day became the worst day of my life as my husband sadly died at the scene and I suffered some life changing injuries”

“After many years of operations to my left leg I’d had enough so elected to have it amputated, knowing that it would give me a better quality of life”

“Over the last two years i’ve had a few battles to fight. With my new husband, my children and the help of the charity AIM and other amputee members they’ve made my battles a bit easier to get through”

“Also with the their help, and after 12 years of not talking about the accident, six months ago i spoke out for the 1st time about that fateful day”

“I have since helped others overcome their battles and helped them through the process of becoming an amputee”

We’d just like to say that we share Mandy’s sentiments about AIM, they are a fantastic charity and do lots of amazing work. We wish them all the best

If you can help out by just donating a couple of quid please do so via the link below

Photo – Mandy with Andy Reid’s sister Laura who is also doing the climb.


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