Big Local Job Club – video

A short video showcasing the work being carried out by the big Local Wargrave project.

We spoke with Graham Ellis who is involved with the project who said ” The reason behind the film was that Wargrave Big Local was asked by Local Trust (the body that looks after all the 150 big local sites) to run a workshop at one of their national events, to which they invite Big Locals from across the country, about their own Job club and how through partnership working with the Job Centre and Helena Partnerships they were able to set up a successful Job club.”

“The session was delivered by Louise and Damien both partnership members who hadn’t had much experience doing things like this but they did amazingly and the workshop was a huge success.”

“Since the workshop we have had a lot of questions and emails from other Big Local sites asking about how we run our Job Club so successfully”

Andrew Simons Community Development Worker from Birchfield Big Local (Birmingham) said “Thankyou to Louise and Damien I really enjoyed the workshop and excellent film”




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