Adam Swift Rugby Speed Camp Takes Place This Summer


This summer, junior rugby players will once again be given the opportunity to learn the speed skills needed to play the game at a lightning fast pace!

Attendees will receive the added bonus of speed and agility coaching, tips and tricks from the Saints’ Adam Swift who will give his expert advice on everything from how to spot and exploit gaps in the defensive line to how to finish a line break off in style.

It is a common misconception that you cannot teach speed.

However, their Rugby Speed Camps have proved this wrong year in, year out for the last eight years.

Players will have their speed, agility, reactions and quickness tested at the start and end of the camp to track their improvement. They will be taught speed and agility techniques specific to rugby and will take part in competitions and games designed to replicate match situations.

Huge performance improvements are made every year to help the players on their way to achieving their speed potential.

The camp will take place from Monday July 24 to Wednesday July 26 9am-3pm. There is a limit of 30 attendees.

If you would like to see videos of the camp in action, find out more information or sign up then visit


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