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Numbacca, London. May 13th 2017. A review by

It has taken a while for me to get to see this band live. I’ve been following them for a few years now, my blog has early posts regarding them. I always thought they were good and kept an eye on their progress. As of Saturday, they are now in my top three and that is something, it takes a lot to bump another band out. What I predict for this St Helen’s band is exactly what I said back in 2014 about another band from wales, they are going to be massive. If not I’ll delete this blog and hang up my blogging hat.

Finally, Saturday May 13th I jumped on a train from Portsmouth and headed to London. They had kindly put me on their guest list so it would be rude not to show up. I convinced my friend, Michelle to come along, it didn’t take much to be honest. She didn’t really know much about them other then what I had told her. She joined me because it was an excuse to catch up over drinks but I can confirm they now have a new fan and she hasn’t stopped talking about them since. We are already planning to see them again when we can, yes that’s hint … Come back down south, like tomorrow. The next thing on the list is to get the T shirt. I’ve been doing this music blog for a few years and I have dealt with many bands, all have been talented and I love the music but not all hold a little piece of my heart. There is only a few that I will drop everything for and help in whatever way I can. I can say that this band has become one of them, Saturday cemented my love for this band.

Several Vodka’s down and a good catch up with my friend, 9:45 arrived and Stillia took to the stage and the first thing I noticed was Jack, their front man’s interaction with the crowd. There is a thing I notice at gigs, at times where if you don’t know a band, in a small venue the crowd can often hang back, leaving space between them and the stage, I don’t quite know what that is, it’s not like they will jump of the stage and bite you, I hope not anyway. That lasted about thirty seconds when Jack asked us all to move forward. Now here is the thing, I’ve seen that fall on deaf ears before but not this time, the crowd obliged. I like bands that interact with a crowd, it makes it more personal. Rapport is key to winning over people, and then hit them with all you have. I don’t really like no interaction but some do, some don’t there is no law but I prefer it. A good front man can make all the difference and Stillia have that, not taking anything away from the rest of the band they as a unit work well, and they should be very proud of themselves. I thought their set was very professional, everything from sound to stage presence. They began with 4AM which admittedly I didn’t know, and ended with Let me in & Sometimes.

I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest and I might have high- fived myself on being right. I’ll admit that every time I see a band I’ve blogged for, the first time I am always a little nervous that it won’t be as good as I hoped. Thankfully, not the case this time, they were AWESOME. I was a fan before, but I will support this band no matter what, take me on if you dare. I’m fierce when it comes to my bands. Sadly, time evaporated quickly, like my vodka and it was time to go home like Cinderella, I didn’t have a carriage but an Uber, I missed my train like an idiot but luckily I had a very nice Uber driver who took me all the way back to Portsmouth for £50. I made it home safe and sound for breakfast with my son as promised.

I am so glad I followed them back on twitter and checked them out, I discovered a gem of a band and glad to have featured them on this blog. I wish them nothing but the best and hope they achieve everything they set out to do. Great Band & Lovely lads.

Thank you Stillia for a great night, I will be at another gig very soon.

I highly recommend Stillia, big things ahead for these lads. I suggest you get to a gig soon before it’s too late; get on that train before you let it roll away.

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