Former Student And Everton Footballer Pops In To Thank College staff

Former Carmel College student and Everton footballer, Matthew Pennington, popped back into the college recently.

He returned for a brief visit to bring them a framed, signed shirt to say thank you for all the support he had from the staff at Carmel.

Whilst at the Everton Academy, Matthew, a former St Gregory’s student, travelled to Carmel to study A Levels in Chemistry and Maths and achieved a grade A in both subjects in 2013.

Matthew made his First Team breakthrough at Everton during the 2015-16 season after being at the club since he was 11 years old. It’s fantastic to see him excelling in a career he loves and we were thrilled to see him score a goal in the Everton-Liverpool derby the day after he visited them – well the Everton supporters amongst them were anyway!


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