More Wonderful Artwork From Peter Humphreys

Latest paintings from Peter, Jack Nicholson in The Shining. .

Last year Peter held his first solo exhibition at The World of Glass Arts Centre, titled “Under The Influence”, a collection of portraits of people that had influenced his life and work, whether they knew it or not”

Peter said “My exhibition at the World of Glass was a massive high point of last year, having celebrity endorsements was a huge boost to my confidence and I am looking forward to an even better year in 2017.”

“Both Carley Stenson and Emma Rigby were so lovely about their paintings, it was an absolute pleasure to paint them and I would love to paint them again. Meeting Martin Murray was incredible, he is such a genuinely nice guy and will soon be Champion of the World, I have no doubt!”

“St.Helens is such a hub of talent I am so happy to play my part to promote such amazing people. Art continues to lead me to such fabulous moments and opportunities I cannot wait to see where it leads me next!”

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