Support For Families Affected By Substance Misuse

Footsteps is a charity based in the YMCA in St Helens that supports families affected by a loved one’s substance misuse.

Recently Footsteps has received funding from the Tudor Trust to enable them to provide support for grandparents who are providing care formally or informally to grandchildren affected by parental substance misuse. It was recognised by the Tudor Trust that St Helens and Warrington, where Footsteps is also based, has a genuine need for a specialist service such as this.

This funding will enable Footsteps to provide grandparents in this situation with information and support to help them increase in resilience and improve their safety and wellbeing, ultimately regaining control over their own lives and building on their strengths and coping skills whilst providing care to their grandchildren.

In the last six months, Footsteps has received further funding from the Coalfields Trust to provide Counselling to adult family members affected by substance misuse in St Helens who are struggling with low levels of anxiety and depression. Currently there is no waiting list for this service and Footsteps welcomes new referrals.

For more information about Footsteps Grandparents project and Footsteps Counselling Service please contact:

By telephone to: Warrington – 01925 24424/St Helens – 01744 808212. By email to:


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