Council Tax Reduction Scheme For Those In Need

You could be eligible if you’re on a low income or claim benefits.

Your bill could be reduced by up to 80% if you are of working age or 100% if you meet certain other criteria.

You can apply if you own your home, rent, are unemployed or working.

What you get depends on:

Your circumstances (eg income, number of children, benefits, residency status)
Your household income – this includes savings, pensions and your partner’s income
If your children live with you
If other adults live with you

To find out more and apply visit this link

If you feel that you need help / guidance in making a claim please contact our local Citizens Advice Service.

The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice,

If it is difficult for you to find time to get along to Citizens Advice Bureau etc to seek help you can email Michael Egan, one of their debt advisors at


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