9 Crowdfunding Platforms For Good Causes

Crowdfunding presents a real opportunity for those raising money and awareness for good causes. But one of the first challenges organisations face when looking to crowdfund is deciding on which platform to use.

The different fees, funding models, services and sector specialisations offered can make finding the best platform for your project’s needs a real struggle. To help you make this decision, we thought: ‘who better to tell you about the different platforms than the platforms themselves?’

In this article NESTA caught up with nine of the main crowdfunding platforms supporting good causes in the UK, to ask them about what motivates them, how they can help you reach your crowdfunding target and what advice they’d give to anyone launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunder – a crowdfunding platform for community groups, businesses, charities and social enterprises

CrowdJustice – crowdfunding legal action and public interest law

Ethex – making investing into projects with a social purpose easy to understand and do

Gogetfunding – helping individuals crowdfund for the causes they care about

Hubbub – crowdfunding university student and alumni projects

Spacehive – crowdfunding local projects to transform public spaces

JustGiving Crowdfunding – helping anyone raise money to fund their own good cause

DigVentures – Crowdfunding archaeology and heritage projects

GlobalGiving UK – crowdfunding for grassroots organisations around the world


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