A Level results day – handy guide on what to do

Can you gets your results early on UCAS Track? What time can you check if you have an offer? What is clearing and how does it work? Here is everything you need to know

With the focus on collecting that all-important envelope sometimes means little thought is given to what happens afterwards. Do you need to confirm your place at university if you get your grades? What about if you miss out by a few points?

To help you plan your day here is a handy guide to A-level Results Day, Thursday 16th August 2018.

Results Day Check list

UCAS Track login details
Mobile phone (fully charged)
Contact details for your university
Pen and paper
Clear your calendar out so you give this the attention it deserves.

On the day:

8am – UCAS Track goes live (see note below)
Morning – Pick up results
Morning – Check Track for confirmation of university place
Morning – Narrowly missed your grades? Call your university to discuss
Morning – Entered into Clearing? Start your search online
3pm – This is the earliest you can enter your Clearing choice into Track

Ucas Track goes live – Your marks won’t show on Ucas, so, if you haven’t already, you will need to pick these up at your school or college.

Ucas’ social media team will be around from 6am and the contact centre opens at 7.30am for enquiries.

What happens

Hopefully you’ll get the exam grades you need, but if you just miss out, the university or college might accept you anyway.
You might get a place on either your firm or insurance choice, depending how well your exams go.

You might be offered an alternative by the university/college – a ‘changed course offer’ (which you’ll need to accept or decline).
You might not get a place, but you can search through the UCAS  Clearing service to see what courses still have vacancies.
If no decisions are showing, give your universities or colleges a call to find out more.

Other options

If you do better than expected…

If you had a conditional firm offer you met and exceeded, you might be curious about courses with higher entry requirements.
If so, you can see what’s available in the UCAS Adjustment service.

If things don’t go to plan…

Find info about exam reviews and appeals – you’ll need to try to arrange the review as quickly as possible, and keep in touch with your university or college to keep them up-to-date.

Look for course vacancies in the UCAS Clearing service, or look into other options – like a gap year, work or an apprenticeship – either instead of higher education, or just while you reapply for next year.

Then if you’ve got a place…

Congratulations! Your Confirmation letter should appear in Track five to seven days after your place is confirmed. (Your letter is not emailed or posted to you.)

Make sure you check your Confirmation letter carefully – it will say if there’s anything else you need to do, or if your university or college will be in touch with further instructions; maybe to provide proof of your qualifications or medical requirements for example.

Don’t want to accept the place you have been offered?

You will have to call the university who made you the offer and ask to be ‘released’. This can take up to ten days and there is no going back, so make sure you are 100 per cent sure before making the call.


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