Knowsley Safari Park Launches Smartphone App

Visitors to Knowsley Safari will now be able to take their very own personal safari tour guide along with them – in the form of the attraction’s new visitor app.

The Merseyside destination has launched its first app, designed to help visitors get as much out of their visit as possible.

Packed full of facts and tips about Knowsley Safari’s collection of wildlife, the app turns every smartphone into an audio guide once visitors pull onto the safari drive. There, the app will deliver expert information about each animal that a visitor spots, all they have to do is click on the animal they have spotted to hear facts voiced by members of the Knowsley Safari team. It really is like having your own personal tour guide.

The app is designed to be as intuitive as possible and automatically updates as visitors make their way around the drive showing what animals you can hope to spot in each section of the drive.

Once visitors are ready to explore the foot safari, the app points the way to the nearest points to see Knowsley Safari’s amazing giraffes, sea lions, birds of prey and the brand new Wolf Country area with interesting facts and fun quizzes at their fingertips to further engage through education. To ensure visitors do not miss a single thing during their day out, all daily displays and animal talk times are listed on the app, too.

Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing at Knowsley Safari, says: “We know that people come to Knowsley Safari to spend quality time with their family and we didn’t want to encourage people to disengage and have their heads stuck in an electronic device. So we designed the app to be an inclusive family experience that can be shared in the car for all to enjoy and listen to. It was important to us that the app enhanced the safari experience and didn’t distract from it.

“We asked our guests what would improve visits and by far the most popular answer was ‘more information about the animals’ so that is what we have tried to deliver with the app.

“We have waited until we were 100 per cent happy before launching our app – it had to enhance every visit to Knowsley Safari, not compete for guests’ attention.

“We are delighted with the final app, it’s inclusive, aimed at the whole family and adds another dimension to the Knowsley Safari experience.”

The app was developed by Knowsley Safari in association with Intelligent Mobile


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