Can You Help Liv?

Things are heading in the right direction for talented amateur boxer Liv Hussey but she could really do with a bit of help securing some sponsorship.

Here is what Amanda Groarke, trainer at Hook and Jag gym in Warrington told us after Liv won the European Youth Boxing Championships last month. “We are so ecstatic and proud of her. We never doubted for a second that Liv wouldn’t win that gold, she has the heart of a lion and would die in that ring before she’d give up..”

“Liv came to Hook & Jab over 12 months ago. Usually I never take boxers from another club however Liv was persistent.”

“She just came to the keep fit sessions as I said she couldn’t box for Hook & Jab, she then opened her heart to us. She was on the verge of giving up boxing as she felt she lacked direction etc”

“After speaking with her we thought who are we to not support this young girl. It was then we changed our whole outlook.”

“Liv started training with our boxers, sparring and technical work. She started to build in confidence and worked on new things, changing the way she boxed and getting her to think for herself encouraging ownership and ring craft as well as style adaptability. She excelled in every aspect. “

“She went and helped the England team sparring, helping them whenever needed. “

“We then entered her in the championships at her new healthy weight of 69kg even though she only weighs in at 67.5kg she was outstanding stopping her first opponent then we asked her to go the distance in the final as she’d never gone the full 3×3 min rounds. Since then she has excelled beyond belief”

“She has since gone on to win the 69kg nationals, GBs, England v Ireland, England v Australia and now the European 69kg youth final. The only England youth left in the tournament plus the first ever 69kg youth to ever win gold, the second ever youth gold medalist the other lady won many years ago at 57kg. She’s undefeated since boxing at Hook & Jab”

“Her prep has been fantastic sparring with now professional and ex Olympian Tasha Jonas as well as senior 69kg silver European medalist and now professional boxer Stacey Copeland as well as sparring many more all different styles. “

“Liv has a great future ahead. She is the perfect example of work hard and your dreams can come true “

If you know someone who might be interested in sponsoring Liv then drop her a line at


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