Carmel College A Level Results

Results Day 2017 has been another successful year for Carmel’s students. The atmosphere in college was fantastic! As students celebrated their success in style with bubbly and cake, it was obvious they had enjoyed their time at Carmel and were looking forward to the next exciting stage of their careers.

According to The Times (18/08/17) Carmel College is confirmed once again as:
One of the TOP 10 Sixth Form Colleges in the country
(% A*-B grades (18/08/17)

2017 Pass Rates
> 100% Pass Rate in 42 courses
> 98% Level 3 Pass Rate
> 55% of grades at A*-B / Dist*/Dist
> 80% of grades at A*-C / Dist*-Merit
> 100% BTEC Pass Rate
> 91% of BTEC grades at Distinction*/Distinction

Carmel are extremely proud of all our students who have worked so hard during their two years here and we wish them well for the future. The majority of students will take up places at university, with many others choosing the apprenticeship route or going into further training or employment.

Three of their students will continue their studies at the prestigious Oxbridge universities. Rowena Machin from St Gregory’s achieved 3A*s, an A and a B and will read Law at Brasenose College, Oxford. Anna Begley, also from St Gregory’s, achieved an A* and 2 As and will read Law at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Former Rainford High student, Daniel Davidson, achieved 3 A*s and an A and will read Economics at Open College, Cambridge.

Carmel College Principal, Mike Hill, was delighted. He commented, “A Level results day is one of the highlights of the college year. The class of 2017 has excelled. This year there has been added tension as it’s the first set of results for the new linear A Levels and many students have received their grades today. However, staff and students have worked very hard over this year to ensure that we continued to achieve the best possible results here at Carmel and we are thrilled. It has been a real privilege to share their success and to have the chance to wish them all the best in the next stage of their lives. I know they will go on to even greater success.”

There are far too many students to mention individually so these are just a few examples of some exceptional achievements:-

Nikodem Adamczewski (St Augustine’s) A* and 2As
Leah Ainsworth (St Augustine’s) 3 x Distinction*
Chloe Arnold (Penketh High) 3 x Distinction*
Georgia Atherton (Haydock High) 3 x Distinction*
Beth Austin (Sts Peter & Paul) 3 A*s
Troy-Francis Beaumont (Tower College) A*, 2 As and a B
Charles Berry (Rainford High) 3 As
Joel Ciesler (St Ed Arrowsmith, Ashton) 3 As
Jonathan Cooke (Liverpool College) 2 A*s and 2 As
Luke Corker (De La Salle) 3 x Distinction*
Ysobella Cox (Rainhill High) 2 As
Hannah Cropper (St Ed Arrowsmith, Whiston) A* and 2 As
Craig Daintry (Lord Derby Academy) 3 x Distinction*
Thomas Davis (St Gregory’s) A* and 2 As
Cameron Dunk (Rainhill High) 2 A*s and 2 As
Matthew Foxcroft (St Ed Arrowsmith, Whiston) A* and 2 As
Jessica Green (De La Salle) 3 A*s
Ann Guo (Rainford High) 3 A*s and an A
Amber Harrison (De La Salle) A* and 2 As
Chloe Hill (Broughton Hall) 3 As
Lucy Holland (Byrchall High) 3 As
Niamh Honey (St Cuthbert’s) 3 As
Charlie Howard (St Gregory’s) 3 As
Chelsea Jones (Up Holland High) 3 x Distinction*
Dominika Karcz (St Gregory’s) 2 A* and an A
Reece Macdonald (Haydock High) 2 x Distinction* and a B
Claire Marsden (St Edward’s College) 2 A*s and an A
David Martland (St Cuthbert’s) A* and 2As
Lydia McNally (St Edward’s College) 2 x Distinction* and an A
Lauren McQuade (St Augustine’s) 2 x Distinction* and a Distinction
Emma Melia (The Prescot School) 3 As
Reece Mills (Broadgreen International) A* and 2 As
Gemma Moore (St Edmund Arrowsmith, Whiston) 3 As
Katie Morse (Broughton Hall) 3 x Distinction*
Charlotte Mulhall (Broughton Hall) A* and 2 As
Ruth Murphy (De La Salle) A* and 2 As
Jess Newton (Hope Academy) 2 A*s and an A
Owen O’Connor (St Margaret’s) 3 As
Sophie Oxford (Rainford High) 3As and B
Jessica Pepper (De La Salle) 3 As
Hollie Roberts (Wade Deacon) 3 As
Raluca Ruiban (St Helens College) A*, 2As and a B
Megan Sheeran (St Gregory’s) 3 As
Sarah Sheppard (Cardinal Newman) 3 As and a B
Matthew Simpson (Rainhill High) A* and 2 As
Charlotte Smith (St Chad’s) 3 As
Amy Stanford (Rainford High) A* and 3 As
Antony Stott (De La Salle) 3 A*s
Freya Summers (Rainhill High) 3 As
Abigail Thomson (Altrincham Grammar School) 3 As
Benjamin Tollitt (Rainford High) 2 A*s and an A
Melissa Townsend (Penketh High) 3 A*s
Rachel Traynor (St Ed Arrowsmith, Whiston) A* and 2As
Chloe Twist (Archbishop Blanch) 3 As
Natasha Tyrer (Rainford High) 2 A*, A and a C
Joseph Walker (De La Salle) A*, 2 As and a B
Owen Watkins (Rainhill High) A* and 2As
Alexander Whittaker (Calderstones) 3 x Distinction*
Sophie Wignall (De La Salle) 3 As
Lydia Willis (Rainhill High) 3 As
Lydia Wood (Rainford High) 2A*s, A and a B
Danielle Woodward (Wade Deacon) A* and 2 As

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