Money Available To Improve Your Local Community

If you are looking for funding to improve the place where you live, their is a pot of money available to everyone across the Borough.

A number of years ago a decision was made to do away with the regular ward forums and in their place a pot of money was allocated each year, that could be used to improve the local community. This is called the Councillor Improvement Fund .

The budget allocation for 2017/18 is £450,000 (£28,125 per ward) plus £438,683 carried forward from 2016/17. This gives a total of £888,683. Of this, schemes totalling £145,464 were committed as at 31 March 2017 with schemes approved
to date in 2017/18 of £32,440. This leaves a total of £711,000 currently available for schemes this year.

The large carried forward figure suggests the fund is under utilised at present and represents a great opportunity for local residents to suggest schemes and ideas to their local Councillors, who decide where the money is spent.

Schemes need to meet a certain criteria. Examples are:

Helping you to make a difference
Boundary fencing on highways
Footpath improvements
Alleyway Improvements
Installation of trip rails to solve parking issues
Landscaping, bulb and tree planting
Lighting schemes
Litter and dog bins
Permanent landscaping
Planting within the highway boundary
Road and passageway resurfacing
Street nameplates
Christmas Trees & Lighting

Contact your Councillor to find out more =>


    • Hi Paul.

      You will need to speak with your local Councillor. If you follow the link at the bottom of the article it will help you identify the correct one and how to make contact.


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