Success At Higher Grades For St Helens A-level Students

There has been a welcome increase in the proportion of St Helens students gaining higher A-level grades, after data revealed an increase on last year’s results.

Between them, St Helens secondary schools and Carmel College saw 48.2 per cent of A level entries graded at A*-B, compared to 52.9 per cent nationally. This improvement in St Helens represents an increase of 1.5% on last year’s outcomes.

In addition, the proportion of A-level exam entries in St Helens that resulted in a pass grade (grade at A*-E), is marginally higher than the comparable national figure of 97.9 per cent.

Results at Rainhill Sixth Form Centre have indicated a nine per cent increase in students achieving A*-C grades, and there were improvements in the percentages of GCE A-level entries graded A*-B at Cowley International
College, Rainford High Technology College and Sutton Academy.

The new standards in a number of subjects presented a difficult challenge to candidates this year, partly given that grades in some A-level subjects are now decided solely on final exams, rather than taking account of
coursework or past AS-level results, as was the case in past years.

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Jeanette Banks, said: “We salute the achievements of all our young people who took their A-level exams this summer.

“These results are a great testimony to not only the students who have worked tremendously hard over the last year, but also to the schools and colleges for providing top quality education.

“It’s important to stress to those who didn’t achieve the results they were hoping for not to panic, as there are still plenty of opportunities open to them – and support and advice will be available at their local sixth form
or college.

“I wish everyone all the very best in their future endeavours.”

Photo – Cowley International College students celebrate after receiving their results


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