The Best In England

St Helens has the best NHS acute trust in England with patients giving it top marks for cleanliness and facilities for people with disabilities

The Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) programme awarded first place to the Trust after inspections were carried out at both Whiston and St Helens hospitals.

The Trust achieved top marks in the country in every area of the inspection including cleanliness, food, privacy and dignity, facilities for patients living with dementia and patients with disabilities. The condition, appearance and maintenance of the hospital buildings also ranked number one.

The Trust was the only acute trust in the entire country to score 100% for the standards of cleanliness at its hospitals as well as 100% for the standard of food served on its wards.

The PLACE assessments inspect and score all acute and specialist organisations throughout England. The assessments are carried out by patients, patient representatives and members of the public.

Ann Marr, Chief Executive said: “It is fantastic news that the Trust has been named the best acute trust in the country and achieved the highest score in every area in the latest environment assessments. The Trust’s staff work very hard to maintain the highest standards and these results highlight our commitment to providing patients with excellent facilities and high quality care.”

St Helens and Whiston Hospitals


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