‘All American’ Dining Experience for Care Home

With its cosy booths and nostalgic retro style features, the new Dining area at Stocks Hall Care Home in Dentons Green has certainly got everyone ‘ooohhhing’ and ‘ahhhhingg’.

Last Friday was the official opening of the ‘The Diner’ and ladies and gentleman from the Home, including friends and family, were invited to an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Sue Lace, Managing Director and Sam Potter, Operations Manager came to officially open this latest project, with the main aim to promote well-being and create a wonderful space to relax and socialise.

Walking into this retro-style Diner is like being transported to America and certainly gives people living at the Home a truly unique dining experience. Everything about it feels cinematic and has been lovingly created by staff at the Home.

The staff have worked hard to set the scene, right from the mustard and ketchup bottles, new flooring, new lighting to the vintage inspired records…everything looks wonderfully authentic.

Laura Coglan-Adam, Activities Staff at the Home had a vision to completely revamp the existing Dining area.

Laura says “The staff here understand the importance of ambience and we want to ensure that our décor helps to stimulate appetite and create an enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Myself and my colleague, Laraine Prescott have worked hard to up-cycle the existing pieces of furniture, together adding new pieces to our collection. We feel that we have transformed this space into a vibrant and fun place to meet and eat!”

Guests of the opening day were treated to an ‘All American’ dining experience, with milkshakes, juices, bottomless cups of coffee, hot dogs, key lime pie, corn dogs, cherry pie and waffles.

Playing in the background, legendary music including Elvis added to the atmospheric celebrations.

Laura added “I am excited to bring ‘Breakfast Club’ to The Diner and plan on delivering some reminiscence therapy activities each morning. I heard one of our gentleman say earlier that he actually feels as though he is somewhere else in the world!”

Sue Lace, Managing Director says “I am absolutely delighted with the transformation and the hard work and dedication from the staff here at Stocks Hall St Helens is remarkable.”

“Food is just one part of the eating experience. At Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group we know how important mealtimes are to people living in our Homes and we are committed to making them an enjoyable and pleasurable part of each day.”


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