A Borough Full Of Talent

Yesterday I met with Tom Glynn from local break dance / parkour crew, UC Crew. A talented young man who will go far. He has recently secured a great job at Knowsley CVS and will really make a difference to the non-profit sector in their Borough.

Whilst sat at the canalside cafe at The World Of Glass Arts and Heritage centre a man that Tom had met a number of years ago passed by and we all got chatting. He is a photographer who works internationally, has had his work published in the National Geographic magazine and lots more. John Fairclough is his name. He told us about a photgraphic adventure he went on a number of years ago in the Falkland Islands. Wonderful stuff, I could have listened for hours.

Talent. It’s all around us……..

For anyone interested in the regular break dance and parkour sessions run by UC Crew checkout their Facebook page for more info https://www.facebook.com/uccrewsth/


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