Financial Help For Students

Attending college and university can be expensive for many students however there is help available if you are struggling to stretch your student loan and grants do not have to be paid back!


The Sarah Cowley Educational Foundation is specific to residents of St. Helens aged under 25 on the 1st September prior to the start of the course and they consider applications for financial assistance to purchase the following:

-Field trips

An application form can be downloaded from the St. Helens Council website:

Applications should be submitted before the end of October as decisions are made on applications at the start of December.


The Rainford Trust is also specific to residents of St. Helens and they provide one-off and recurrent grants and further and higher education students and mature students can receive grants for the following:

-Educational outings

Applications are considered throughout the year and you can apply in writing to the correspondent:
Mr William Simm
The Rainford Trust
Lakeside Building
Alexandra Park
Prescot Road
St Helens
WA10 3TT


The Girls’ Welfare Fund helps girls and young women (aged between 15 and 25) who were born in Merseyside. Whilst they help those pursuing academic courses, they have a preference for students pursuing vocational or further education courses. One-off and recurrent grants are made for the following:

-Study/travel overseas
-Leisure/creative activities

Applications are considered in March, June, September and December and you can apply in writing or by email:

Mrs S. O’Leary
West Hey
Dawstone Road
CH60 4RP

Further information

The following article from the National Union of Students provides a good overview of the scholarships, grants and bursaries available to help you fund your education:–extra-funding-for-your-degree/?load=5&top=431

The Directory of Social Change publishes ‘The Guide to Educational Grants’ which lists hundreds of charities which help students. Some charities are specific to the subject studied whilst others focus on the needs of the student and occupation/parent’s occupation.

The book can be purchased at however it is expensive so check if there is a copy in your local library or visit your local Citizens Advice.

If you require help completing application forms/drafting letters to apply for funding, contact Michael Egan (Money Advice Caseworker at Citizens Advice St. Helens) on 01744 751380 or via email at

Citizens Advice St Helens is a registered charity based on the 2nd floor of St Helens Millennium Centre on Corporation Street and they provide a free and confidential service to the residents of the Borough.


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