Facing It Together

In this video, a war verteran who was shot in the face tells a young girl why she is his hero!

In this moving video, Tempy Pattinson, 5½, from Darlington, talks to war veteran Simon Brown, (38½!), after her wish to meet a ‘real-life’ soldier was granted by Help for Heroes.

Si, from Morley in West Yorkshire, is one of at least 66,000 ex-military personnel with life-changing injuries and illnesses in the UK. When the two sat down together to share their stories, they discovered they had very different ideas of what makes someone a hero. “Tiny” Tempy told Si she had swum 100 metres and completed a triathlon in a bid to give something back to the heroic soldiers who put themselves in danger to keep her safe.

But Si, who lost 80 per cent of his sight and had 25 operations to rebuild his shattered face after he was shot in Iraq, told Tempy it was supporters like her who were the real Heroes.

In this extraordinary film, Si and Tempy show what it is that makes the bond between Help for Heroes and its supporters so special.

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