100 Murmurists – Opportunity For Creatives

Murmurists is the name Anthony Donovan gives to what he makes as a composer. Murmurists began as a solo art project as long ago as 1991 and has grown since then.

Anthony Donovan the man behind this project said “I’m putting together a very special ‘100 Murmurists’ version of my established Murmurists project”

“I’m seeking interesting and interested artists from across any and all disciplines to take part in a mass multi-media live event …. everything from musicians, dancers and spoken word artists to comedians, actors, performance artists, VJs, film-makers and visual artists.”

“Performers work from graphic scores, containing instructions and timings, set to a stopwatch which is included as part of a projected film.”

“It’s basically structured improvisation, wherein everyone involved gets to be themselves and do their own thing; the score and its timings serving to maintain the balance between space and creative cacophony and prompting specific collaborations taking place within the whole.”

“Performers are dispersed throughout the available space, with no demarcation between them and the audience. The music itself is an mix of free jazz and intelligent noise elements; and there is a strong spoken word component, including massed voices, as performers read my prose from cards which I prepare.”

“These events are at once immersive and overwhelming, and Murmurists has earned a reputation as a unique live project worth seeing.”

The 100 strong live event is to be held in Manchester on Saturday 11th November 2017.

If you are interested watch the trailer below and full info can be found



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