Save Your local pub

Are you a community looking to save your local pub? Or maybe you want to transform your local pub so it provides services for your local community?

The “More Than A Pub” programme offers a comprehensive package of business development support, advice and loan and grant funding to community groups in England to help them establish community-owned pubs with social, economic and environmental benefits to their communities.

The programme aims to support 80 community-owned pubs to open over two years and will offer a flexible package of support including access to an advice line, events, workshops, peer-to-peer study visits, and business development advice. It will also offer flexible bursary awards to fund very early stage activity, such as community consultation work, and a grant and loan package.


To find out more about the programme please call the programme advice line on 01993 810730 or visit

A free web seminar takes place on Thursday 28th September at 1pm to 2pm where you can also find out more. Register here

Photo – Bamford Community Society is a community business in Derbyshire. It was set up in 2011, when 300 members of the rural Bamford community clubbed together to buy their local pub to prevent its closure. Today, the pub has become a key community asset, providing a wide variety of services for local people, including a post office and café. The hub employs a number of local people, uses locally sourced produce and reinvests its profits in the community. Read more about it here




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