An Abstract Retrospective – Exhibition By Phil Wilkinson

Saturday 9th September sees a new exhibition, An Abstract Retrospective, commence at The World of Glass exhibition with a Meet The Artist event.

Phil Wilkinson has brought together an eclectic collection of his abstract work which Phil himself has said may surprise people. Expect both bright and bold juxtaposed with sombre and dark images to create a very personal exhibition.

About the artist.

Philip Wilkinson is a contemporary abstract artist, who has diverse ideas about abstract art that explores a creative journey into seeing his own reality and world in a very different, unconventional and often multi dimensional way.

Philip embraces an adopted idea of eclecticism that permits a free choice of visual art subject that can combine an assortment of abstract styles.

His ambition is to achieve a visually impossible synthesis of making order out of chaos, whilst finding an emotional harmony that fulfills his own personal spiritual wellbeing and contentment.

Philip has been painting in varied abstract styles since 2012. He has a background in the building trade and he combines this knowledge of technical drawing with aesthetic abstract theory to find a universal language that is capable of expressing a hidden parallel world of geometric structures and lyrical abstraction.

Philip is an award winning artist gaining second place at the St. Helens Open exhibition in 2014 and winning the abstract award in 2016. He has exhibited locally and regionally since 2012.

The solo retrospective exhibition represents five years of his individual abstract curiosity and creativity from 2012 – 2017.

Philip represents his individual internal world that is affected by his interpretation of harmony out of chaos and the sensual communication of vibrant and sometimes somber color to stimulate the optical senses.

The exhibiton will run from Saturday 9th September to Friday 3rd November

The Meet The Artist event will take place on Saturday 9th September from 1pm to 4pm. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

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The World of Glass is also taking part in Heritage Open Days on Saturday 9th September. Once again for the 17th year they will be opening the doors of The World of Glass FREE of charge from 10 am to 4pm on Saturday 9th September. There will be hourly glass blowing demonstrations and film shows from 12 noon.

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