Bat Walks Return To Knowsley Safari

Are you ready for a twilight adventure? Knowsley Safari’s annual Bat Walk is returning, welcoming visitors for an ‘after hours’ experience with a difference, as they head into the woods on the lookout for the UK’s most elusive species of bat, on Friday 8th and Friday 15th September, from 7pm.

Knowsley Safari’s team of experts will lead visitors through the winding woodlands, scanning for the bats overhead. They will use specialist acoustic bat monitoring equipment to help nature enthusiasts identify the species of bats through sound, including the Common Pipistrelle, Noctules, Brown Long-Eared and Myotis bats.

Although bats are among the most recognisable small mammals in Britain, most people don’t understand the importance of the species. They’re known as an ‘indicator species’, which means that when their population drops, it’s a sign there is something harmful going on in the environment that is affecting biodiversity.

The Knowsley Safari bat walks provide a fantastic opportunity for nature lovers of all ages to learn more about bats and the work Knowsley Safari is carrying out to protect them and their habitat.

Bridget Murray, from Knowsley Safari’s Conservation Team, comments: “You never know what you will see or hear on this evening of exploration through the woods at Knowsley Safari. Without our special equipment, human ears wouldn’t pick up on the noises that bats make, so it really does feel like a true insight into the secret world of British bats.

“We know there are rare bats, such as the ‘Natterers’, on site following previous work. It is important to us that we are able to help educate people about native species but also track these rarer bats so that we can see we are providing a natural habitat where they can thrive.”

Bats are a protected species and play a vital role in the ecosystem as they consume immense amounts of insects, while others pollinate fruits and flowers. Even their droppings are a rich, natural fertiliser for the earth.

PRICE: £7.50 per person

DATE: Friday 8th September and Friday 15th September

TIME: From 7pm



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