Tai Chi Classes

We recently heard about some Tai Chi classes taking place across the Borough, so thought we’d find out more. We spoke with Heather Bradbury who runs the Tai Chi classes at a number of locations, she told us more “You might be thinking that Tai Chi is all about high kicks and spin turns…. well, you would be wrong.” I use a type of Health Qigong known as The 5 Elements. It uses “deep breathing” techniques and the “power of imagination. This helps relax and de-stress the whole of your body.”

A client said to me recently “After a stressful day at work, I look forward to enjoying my relaxation session at Tai Chi. I feel the tension just disappearing.”

“I specialise in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention. Medical authorities agree that suitable exercise for people with arthritis should incorporate components that can improve muscular strength, flexibility, and fitness.”

“Increased muscular strength supports and protects joints, which will reduce pain. Flexibility exercises also help to reduce pain and stiffness, thus improving mobility. Stamina or fitness is important for overall health and proper function of your heart, lungs and muscles.”

“Tai Chi for Arthritis helps people with arthritis to improve all these and more. It improves balance both mentally and physically thus significantly reduces the rate of fall of the older adults. Additional benefits include improving relaxation, vitality, posture, and immunity.”

“But this does not mean you have to have Arthritis though, it can benefit everyone.”

Adults can come and try Tai Chi for £1.50 (1st session) then after that the following prices apply :-

Mondays :
11am – The Shining Light Centre, Forest Road, St Helens. WA9 4BF. £3
1pm – Crownway Community Center, Crown Street, Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows. WA12 9DA. £3.50

Tuesdays :
1pm – Taylor Park Visitor Centre, Regent Road, St Helens WA10 3HX. £5

New class starts on 12th September
Tuesday 6pm – The Gerrard Arms, Dentons Green Lane, St Helens. WA10 6SD. £3.50





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