St Helens Unlimited – August 2017

A quick update on where we’re at with our launch as a Social Enterprise and activity during August.

We are on our way. It’s been a long journey but we’ve now received our Community Interest Company (CIC) status from Companies House and the CIC regulator.

For those who dont know what a CIC is, it is a business that puts purpose before profit. It can still make a profit and ours will, but the profits are used to fulfil a community purpose.

What we’ve got planned

We’re going to shake things up a bit. We’ll be supporting positive change across the Borough of St Helens. Our CIC will use the profits it generates to fund new projects and ideas across the Borough. At the same time we will be supporting the local economy and helping Businesses across the Borough get more attention, both here and further afield.

The first version of our website is now live, this will be updated again in a few weeks to provide an even better experience for visitors.

The Business supporter / advertiser program is under development and will be launched early October

Some statistics for the month of August

Facebook Page
12,090 likes. During August our posts reached 234,534 people and engaged with 246,628 people.  (Engagement = likes, comments, shares)

3,982 follows. During August our Tweets created 383,000 impressions. An impression means the number of times our tweets have been delivered to other Twitter account’s timeline.

#StHelensHour – The weekly Twitter Networking Hour for the borough

7th August 2017

176 contributors, 1,900 tweets, reached 385,000 people
Storyboard of all the tweets

14th August 2017

310 contributors, 1,600 tweets, reached 433,000 people
Storyboard of tweets

21st August 2017

146 contributors, 1,400 tweets, reached 312,000 people
Storyboard of tweets

28th August 2017

105 contributors, 667 tweets, reached 253,000 people
Storyboard of tweets

Month of August 2017

1,300 contributors, 8,000 tweets, reached 2,600,000 people


Have a great month everybody

Mike Ashworth


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