Development Funding Of Up To £30,000 For Charities & Social Enterprises

The Fore Trust is the only open-access funder in the UK offering development funding and strategic support to early-stage charities and social enterprises. The Fore will fund any UK registered charity, social enterprise or community interest company that is small (annual income less than £1m) and charitable.

The Fore Trust has announced that its next round of funding will re-open for applications on the 11th December 2017.

To apply for grants of up to £30,000, organisations must register at the start of each funding round. As numbers for each round are capped and applicants are selected on a on a first-come, first-serve basis, early registration is recommended. On successful registration, applicants are sent further details of the application process.

The closing date for applications will be the 8th January 2018. Read more at:

About The Fore Trust

The Fore believes any organisation with the talent and drive to create social change should be able to access the support it needs to fulfil its potential.

Small charities are crucial. They are both the lifeblood of their local communities and the birth place of innovation.

If small organisations cannot succeed, the established players go unchallenged, innovative ideas get overlooked and the social investment movement will continue to lack promising investment opportunities.

So why are even the most dynamic early-stage organisations struggling to win support? Funders and individuals gravitate towards larger, well-established charities with well-oiled fundraising machines. And businesses find it too expensive to find smaller, younger organisations, and too risky to support them.

The Fore will build the pipeline of social enterprises and charities ready to serve the needs of our society and challenge the established players. The Fore’s pioneering funding model removes barriers to access and connects even the most isolated, smaller organisations with expertise from the business community and financial support.

We identify organisations with the best ideas, the strongest management and for whom support will create the greatest impact. We seek to take up as little of our applicants’ time as possible as time spent seeking funding is time away from their beneficiaries.


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