Uncomfortably Numb

Uncomfortably Numb was a 5 part web series which starred local actor Keith Hyland. It has now been made into a short film.

Uncomfortably Numb | Short Film (2017) from Branchwork Media on Vimeo.

We caught up with Keith Hyland who told us more “I play the character of Ian in Uncomfortably Numb. This is a film about a fictional pharmaceutical company which produces a drug that can change people’s emotions.The film follows several characters and we see how the medication and emotion affects each of them.”

“The film was written, filmed and produced by a north west based company called Branchwork Media. My character is struggling to show emotion after the death of his daughter and taking the wonder drug leads to him suffering from uncontrollable anger.”

“This film pushed some boundaries for me as my character becomes violent and even commits murder, so to put myself in that situation was tough. You have to become involved with your character if you want your performances to be believable. I love acting as you create characters and bring them to life.”

“I set myself goals continuously and this year I have ticked a few off the list. I have to stayed focused, have to make sacrifices and commit to things, but for me it has paid dividends.”

“I’m very fortunate and thankful for all the opportunities I have had. I have a lot of exciting things on the go or due to air very soon. Watch this space!”

Keith only recently got into acting, though it was a dream of his for many years. He said “When I have not got my plumbing attire on and tools in hand, I am an actor. Something I only got into these last few years really”.

“I decided to follow the music inside me,I didn’t want to leave this earth having not give it a go, so I decided to do what I always wanted to do.”

“I didn’t attend drama school or anything like that, and wanted to get into the scene so I applied to a a casting agency as a supporting artist ( extra).”

“I have been very fortunate and got to do some exciting stuff like be a dingle at Zak dingle’s wedding on Emmerdale on ITV, I played a solicitor on Hollyoaks, and a gang member in the BBC’s remake of Porridge, plus lots of other great TV programmes, like Happy Valley and Scott & Bailey”

“I love being on set and infront of the camera, I was talking to a friend I hadn’t seen for a while asked he asked me what was my ideal job, I said an actor, they said what’s stopping you, I said nothing, only myself and my self limiting beliefs, the next day I did a bit of research and rang round a few agents and got accepted, best decision I ever made”

“I love it and I’m going from strength to strength, my next goal is a regular part in a soap or a speaking part in a movie, so dream big and keep chasing those dreams we are never too old to go for it.“

We wish Keith all the best. You’re never too old (or young) to move things in a different direction….

Spotlight profile for Keith Hyland



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