Take It Away: Interest-Free Loans For Musical Instruments For Young People

Take It Away is a programme backed by Arts Council England designed to help more children and young people get involved in learning and playing music.

The scheme is offered through a network of music shops across England.

It’s simple to use Take It Away to spread the cost of buying a musical instrument in one of the partner music shops.

Follow the steps below.

1 – Check if you’re eligible
2 – Find a participating store
3 – Pick your instrument
4 – Complete the application form and customer survey/declaration
5 – Pay your deposit
6 – Take it away!

Some questions and answers

Q. Can I use Take it away when the value of the instrument I want to buy is more than £5,000?

A.Yes. The Take it away loan can be a part-payment towards an instrument that costs more than £5,000. You would have to arrange to pay the difference by other means (e.g. by paying a larger deposit). You cannot use multiple loans to cover the cost of one instrument costing more than £5,000.

Q. Can I use Take it away to purchase a second-hand or reconditioned instrument?
A. Yes, provided that the instrument is being sold through an approved Take it away retailer.

Q. Can I use the scheme to pay for tuition?
A. This will depend on the services available through the shop in which you are making your purchase. If the store offers a block of lessons these can be added to your loan as an additional service. Please ask for details when making your purchase.

More Information

For more information visit the Take It Away website


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