Funeral Of Churchill’s Former Bodyguard

The funeral of a local man who once served as a bodyguard to Winston Churchill took place yesterday.

Neville Bullock of Garswood passed away last month aged 92. His funeral was held at St Helens Crematorium, where his coffin arrived in a Rolls Royce, which was used by Churchill in the D-Day celebrations.

The Union flag flew at half-mast above St Helens town hall, in honour of the World War II veteran and former councillor.

In summer 1945, as a Royal Marine Neville volunteered and was chosen for a top secret mission, in which he served as bodyguard to Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the famous Potsdam Conference in Germany. Here Churchill (and his successor Clement Attlee), Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and US President Harry Truman negotiated terms for the end of World War II.

Billinge and Seneley Green Councillor Sue Murphy said: “Neville served as both a parish councillor in Seneley Green and a district councillor for the Billinge and Seneley Green ward, where he worked hard for the residents he represented. Neville led such a rich life and had a great love for the community. He was a true gentleman, a pleasure to work with, and will be sadly missed.”

Photos / video by RobbobSt Helens Connect


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