Test It Tuesday

Test it Tuesday

Test your smoke alarm, not your luck!

‘Test it Tuesday’ aims to get everyone testing their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as part of their normal weekly routine.

Preventable accidents are one of the biggest killers in the UK but a few moments extra thought can make all the difference.

There are many things we do as regular weekly activities – recycling bin out on a Friday, supermarket shop on a Wednesday, car wash on a Sunday – we all have our own list of regular activities. By adding testing your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to your ‘to do’ list on a Tuesday you can help to keep yourself and your family safe from fire.

To test your alarm – simply press the test button until the alarm sounds.

For more information on fire prevention visit http://www.merseyfire.gov.uk

Smoke alarms only have a life of about 7 years due to the radioactive material in them. If your smoke alarm is older than 7 years please replace it. Pressing the test button will not show if the alarm will activate in a fire it just tests the sounders and link between them.



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