Local Entrepreneur To Be Featured On TV Show

Joanna Grygowska is an independent jewellery designer from Sutton, who operates a boutique in Golden Square Shopping Centre in Warrington as well as online via her website Polyanna Designs.

She has been selected to present her new jewellery collection, Cappuccino Flint by Polyanna , in a live auction on Gems TV this Saturday (23rd September) at 8pm.

We spoke to Joanna to find out more about her jewellery business and the latest collection, she said “I came to the UK from Poland in 2005, a year after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Finance and Banking. It was a very challenging time as I didn’t speak any English and soon started to feel like I wanted to do something different with my life.”

“When I was pregnant with my first child, I bought a gemstone and silver set as a gift for my husband. The quality was terrible! I told him that I was going to spend £20 on stock to make jewellery myself. I persuaded him that if I sold the jewellery it would make us some extra money. It turned out that I spent at least 50 times more than I had promised. My husband probably wanted to divorce me! It was worth it in the end though, I had an amazing time learning about, and being surrounded by, beautiful gemstones.”

“My husband thought I’d stop making jewellery once our son was born, and although I took a short break, it was always at the back of my mind. It was at this point that I decided to set up ‘Polyanna Designs’. People always ask me why it’s called Polyanna; well my name is Joanna, and I was born in Poland, so I joined the two together to create Polyanna!”

“How would you describe the design process and your style? Jewellery design is a way of expressing yourself. It’s my lifetime passion and completely absorbs me. In my opinion, jewellery should be unique, noble and ever-lasting. I carefully create everything focusing fully on the customer. I am fascinated by the design of new forms of jewellery using traditional silversmith techniques.”

“I put all my heart and soul into creating each piece of jewellery by hand. I think jewellery has its own soul and tells a unique story. “

“Cappuccino Flint is a collection brought to the UK exclusively by Polyanna. My jewellery designs have been designed and selectively chosen for like-minded customers, who are courageous, outstanding and passionate. Cappuccino Flint, also known as Striped or Banded Flint, is rarer than Diamond and can only be found in one place on Earth, in Poland, in the Holy Cross Mountains. It’s 150 million years old, with unique bands that resemble rolling waters. When you knock one against the other, the stones will spark, creating fire. Striped Flint is distinguished by beautiful and unique patterns, it is extremely hard (7 on the Mohs scale) and compact, which combined with the ability to obtain a polished mirror effect, makes it a valuable and sought-after material in the jewellery market. Designed exclusively by the forces of nature, it tells its own story.“

“Striped Flint was discovered in the Neolithic Age, and was used mainly for the production of hunting weapons and utility tools such as needle points and axes. It was also used for creating fire. It was an important element of community life, it played a very crucial role in cultivating magical rituals and burials. Belief in the magical power of Flint means it has always been associated with prosperity and optimism.“

“Striped Flint is a form of sedimentary rock, mainly composed of crystalline Quartz grains, calcium carbonate and Opal. It is completely created by nature. A cross-section or fragment shows the colourful effect of its three-dimensional shape with different patterns. These patterns are characterised by both regularity and irregularity. They are also chaotic, expressive or blurred. Very often, these features mix with each other to varying degrees, creating a uniquely beautiful effect. In each case, this stone retains its unique, strong character.”
“Each Flint is different, there are no two identical pieces of Flint, just like us humans! I would love my future customers to appreciate the uniqueness of each piece, as no one will ever have the same patterns. It is as unique as you are!”

The official launch of Cappuccino Flint with Joanna, will be on Gems TV on Saturday 23rd September at 8pm

Sky: Channel 655
Virgin Media: Channel 755



Main photo – Joanna in the GemsTV studio


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