Win A Strider Bike Worth £125

Win a Gold Limited Edition Strider® Pro Balance Bike worth £125.00 and a Free Strider UK Race entry.

Strider are the original super-light balance bikes designed by a dad so his toddler could ride with him. Strider take great pride in Creating Riders with over 1.7 million kids learning to ride and hundreds racing at exclusive Strider only events across the world.

Strider Bikes are proven to teach balance, increase confidence and improve coordination. Toddlers learn how to balance by using their feet to walk themselves forward and they are soon whizzing around in no time with feet up on our patented footrest design.

Balance is the most important skill yet hardest skill to learn when learning to ride. The journey to a motorbike or pedals will be smooth and seamless and in some cases before the kids are 3. You will never need stabilisers!

The Pro is the lightest Strider at just 2.2 kg and the perfect tool for when your child can walk.

The unique design features on a Strider, alongside the amazing quality that Strider are world famous for means your little one can ride this bike for years but even better come Strider racing! A free invitation is in every bike box.

To be in with a chance of winning head on over to the Whats on 4 Little Ones Website and tell them how old you were when you rode your first bike!



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