20 Stories High Presents Headz

Award-winning theatre company 20 Stories High returns to St.Helens with HEADZ a new series of funny, gritty and heartfelt monologues about the everyday lives of a group of extraordinary young people.

Weed. Lola likes to smoke the ganja, it runs in the family. She feels it enhances her creativity and calms her nerves. But when her supply starts to dwindle, she doesn’t like who she becomes.
Farm. Jonno has been living on the streets.  One day a group of strangers arrive and invite him to live on their farm… but is it an offer too good to be true?

Dates. Jenna is a proud, confident young woman who believes in gender equality, she loves Tinder and being single. Her Dad on the other hand is not so keen and gives her an ultimatum that will change everything forever.

Parr Library. Tuesday 10th October. 7pm

Who is it for?  Teenagers 13+ and adults

Cost & booking info  Pay what you want  Book online here or call into any library in St.Helens to purchase your tickets

*Contains some strong language and content*

20 Stories High Promotional Video For Headz




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