How St Helens Town Centre Could Look

A series of artists impressions give a better understanding of what the Town Centre might look like following the unveiling of the Council’s ambitious vision.

The first image shows the view along Chalon Way, looking down to the where the World of Glass is currently. In the distance you will see the newly located Central Railway Station.  On the left the changes for the event area and St Marys Market. On the right, currently Chalon Way Multi-Storey Car Park, you can now see this is replaced with retail units.


The view from above.


They Want To Hear Your Views

For full details on the strategy visit or inquire at Planning Reception, Town Hall, Victoria Square, WA10 1HP.

Email them at

Write to them at ‘Freepost: YOUR VIEWS’

The closing date for comments and feedback is 27th October

The Vision

St Helens Council recently unveiled its vision for the transformation of the town centre. The proposals will see the council seek to take greater control of key assets in the town centre. Currently less than one percent of the retail space within the town centre is owned by St Helens Council, meaning that the local authority has had little or no control over what development occurs. With direct intervention, the council intends to have greater control over the type of retail and leisure facilities that are developed in the town centre in the years ahead.

The strategy outlines a number of key developments which, if delivered, would be pivotal in providing the opportunity to transform the town centre.

Chief among these would be an enhanced shopping area in keeping with the changing face of the British high street, with independent shops appearing alongside well known high street brands. More family-centred restaurants and cafés would feature together with a vibrant night time economy.

Part of the town centre vision is a plan to redevelop the area around the section of Sankey Canal into a modern waterfront area, complete with bars and restaurants on lower levels and desirable canal-side apartments above, taking inspiration from stylish cities around the UK and Europe. The Sankey Canal itself is the oldest industrial canal in the world having opened four years before the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester and the strategy wants to build on the towns industrial heritage as an underutilized asset.

There’s also an ambition to enrich the borough’s already strong and nationally recognised arts and culture offer, with the potential for a dedicated arts and culture centre included in the canal-side regeneration.

These key developments will gradually shape the town centre into four distinct quarters, namely the Shopping Quarter, centred on Church Square; the Education Quarter, based around St Helens College, where there is an ambition to enhance the ‘campus style’ atmosphere; the Civic and Heritage Quarter, with the town hall and Gamble Building on Victoria Square at its heart, where regular events could be held; and the Growth Quarter at the canal-side redevelopment.




  1. I agree the town is old fashion and needs updating I go Liverpool more vibrant to many closed and dated shops needs nice healthy eating places coffe shops nice gree grass sitting areas arcades dated need to open it up like lpool 1 nice things for teenagers to do and children bike lanes bike hire well behind restraint area skyroof bar needs so much more investment instead of high rents

  2. Why is St Helens Central in the wrong place on that drawing, is it planned on being rebuilt or is this an error?

    • At the moment these are just artists impression of how the town centre “might” look. However, it is possible that if they make all these changes that the current location of St Helens Central would be less than ideal. (They plan on a shoft of focus towards the canal) So that “might” be a new lcoation for it, which people would then walk straight into the main hub of the new town centre. Again, all this is hypothetical at the moment, but they are keen to hear people’s views, so be sure to drop them a line. Info included at end of article.

  3. This looks amazing. Have been saying for years that the town’s canal heritage should be promoted and utilised. Look at similar towns with canalside bars and cafes for inspiration.

  4. Any “redevelopment” should come with a cast iron garrantee not to destroy anymore of the towns remaining heritage. We have enough tin sheds and so called bold statements of architecture as it is in this town.These things wil always fade from popularity whereas traditional and classical building wil stand the test of time with grace and elegance

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