Emerging Artist Solo Exhibition This Month

Emerging artist Helena Denholm will have a solo exhibition of her work this month, as part of her residency at University Centre St Helens.

Helena is a painter who’s practice articulates her interest in the transience of flesh; how it adapts and responds to lived experience, underpinned by an investigation of what happens when the digital encounters the analogue, hence the name of the exhibition, Di-alogue.

The translation of pixelated digital images into paint, places the digital under pressure. Painting introduces uncertainty in an autonomous and ridged system. Non-mechanical remediation attempts to mix and match colour, create compositional equivalence, and by the nature of this process, it inevitably fails by degree.

This approach to image making, therefore, generates difference. The material manifestation of the play of differences, emerges in the differentiation of copy from original.

We spoke with Helena who told us about her art. “I started this journey back in 2014 when went on Access to HE Art & Design at St Helens College, I then went on too the Fine Art Painting degree on the accelerated learning program (I had credits from an old HND that could be transferred which helped) so did the degree in two years and came out with top marks.”

“I was on the BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting Degree for which I received First Class Honours. I’m currently in the second year of my part time PGCE at University Centre St Helens, and in the second year of my artist residency.”

“My future artistic academic ambitions are to do a part time MA to further developing my art practice.”

Recently she had work in the AIR Art Gallery 2017 Open, in Manchester. She received a Highly Commended award for her work in the show.

She was in the Nasty Women Wigan exhibition, at Cross Street Arts in Wigan and she also has work in the Alternative Portraits exhibition at Access Space, in Sheffield.

This month she will also deliver an artist talk during the Intimate Group Exhibition at the Isherwood Gallery in Wigan, which features her art.

The exhibition, Di-alogue runs from 5th to 18th October at the Beechams Gallery, Beechams Building, Water Street, WA10 1PP. Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

The opening night is on Thursday the 5th October from 5.30pm to 8pm. Facebook event

You can find Helena on Twitter @DenholmHelena and on Instagram @helenadenholm

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