St Helens Unlimited – September 2017

A quick update on where we’re at with our launch as a Social Enterprise and activity during September.

September marks the first full month of our website being live and actively promoted.  A new version of the website will be coming soon. This will give Desktop / Tablet users a more magazine look and feel. In addition a better version for those using smartphones.

Business Banking and payment processing are all in place.

The Business supporter / advertiser program is under development and will be launched this month.

We’ve already had interest from a number of Businesses in joing our Supporter / Advertising programme. Some I have already met, and those meetings were very positive. Others, I have yet to meet and look forward to doing so over the weeks ahead. If you are interested in hearing more get in touch.

What we’ve got planned

We’re going to shake things up a bit. We’ll be supporting positive change across the Borough of St Helens. Our Community Interest Company will use the profits it generates to fund new projects and ideas across the Borough. At the same time we will be supporting the local economy and helping small businesses across the Borough get more attention, both here and further afield.

Some statistics for the month of September


12,250 likes. During September our posts reached 178,000 people and engaged with 91,000 people.  (Engagement = likes, comments, shares)

Whilst we dont consider the local press to be our rivals in terms of content (What we do is pretty unique) we do like to do a quick comparison performance wise. I think it’s important to note that our reach and engagement is driven by content that is positive in nature. And I feel that the statistics show an appetite for such content..

This is a quick snapshot during September of our performance.


4,081 followers. During September our Tweets created 371,000 impressions. (An impression means the number of times our tweets have been delivered to other Twitter account’s timeline).


The first full month of it being up and running has seen 16,200 unique users. 29,200 page views.  Returning visitor rate 35%


#StHelensHour – The weekly Twitter Networking Hour for the Borough

4th september 2017

137 contributors, 1146 tweets, reached 327k ppl

11th september 2017

147 contributors, 833 tweets, reached 444,000 people

18th September 2017

182contributors, 1020 tweets, reached 400,000 people

25th september 2017

149 contributors, 1,434 tweets, reached 341,000 people


Month of September 2017

903 contributors, 7,000 tweets, reached 1,800,000 people

January 2017 to end of September 2017

5,000 contributors, 79,000 tweets, reached 12,300,000 people


Have a great month everybody…..

Mike Ashworth. Director and Changemaker.



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