FREE B&Q Unsold Stock For Community Groups

B&Q stores have been donating unsellable materials and products to their local community groups for many years. It’s a great way to reduce waste whilst helping out the community. It’s called the Community Re-use scheme.

The types of material includes:

  • Wood, including off cuts and single use pallets

  • Plastic plant pots and trays

  • Part filled cans of paint. This might be used for a mural or for covering graffiti as well as for decorating

  • Broken tiles and slabs

  • Ends of wallpaper rolls

  • Plants that are not in peak condition and other compostable materials

  • Old products that have been written off

Eligible groups include:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Child minders, playgroups and nurseries
  • Allotment associations, community gardening projects
  • Youth groups including scouts, guides and cadets
  • Registered charities
  • Hospices
  • Conservation groups including The Conservation Volunteers and Forest Schools
  • Community projects organised by local churches and other religious groups
  • Women’s Institute, Lions Clubs, Rotary, Townswomen Guilds
  • Royal British Legion
  • Adult education projects, University of the Third Age
  • Other local community groups

If your charity, community group, college or school would like to find out more, get in touch with B&Q.

They will add your details to their database of community groups. When a B&Q store has something to donate, they will use this list to get in touch with groups in their area.


  1. I am activity Co ordinator at Madison court care home for the elderly with dementia. I do gardening projects we grow veg in raised beds so that people in wheel chairs can assist. We grow flowers in pots, paint fences , attach coloured lights to fences and have a small amount of garden furniture. This gives our residents somewhere to sit in the summer and fills them with pride when they see their plants growing. It’s all about jogging their memories and giving them an interest. We would appreciate anything you could spare to help us improve our garden for our residents to enjoy. Thank you for reading this Margaret Smith

    • Hi Margaret, That sounds wonderful. Be sure to get in touch with the local b&Q to see how they might be able to help you out.

  2. My name is William Vaughan and I am the vice chairman of Portico Rugby Club. We has 165 children and Portico is in a deprived area of St Helens Merseyside. We are all volunteers and rely on donations from within the community to survive, all our volunteers are hard working individuals but we suffer dreadfully from anti social behaviour (ASB) from a minority of local teenagers but we are determined to strive forward for all of our 165 children. We are in the process of a refurbishment of our club house and hope you may be able to help. Yours William Vaughan.

    • Hi William, That is fantastic. We cant help, however do get in touch with the local b&Q to see how they might be able to help you out.

      • Many thanks for your prompt and positive response, is there a dedicated contact person at the St Helens branch of B&Q I may deal with please?

        Regards Billy Vaughan
        Portico Vine Rugby Club Vice Chairman.

        • Hiya, not that i’m aware of. The info I was given was that people should drop them a line at and they will add people to a list and then email them when items become available. However, it may be worth popping into the lcoal B&Q and asking to speak with the Manager. Cant do any harm.

  3. Having registered my own community interest company plus 3 local charities of which I am a trustee at St Helens B&Q over a year ago, we have never been contacted. Despite us being very clear that all 4 organisations are ‘environmentally focused’, run entirely by volunteers and stating that we guarantee that atleast one of our volunteers would attend ‘within an hour’ should any old/damaged or unwanted stock be made available. At least 2 trustees live within a 5 minute drive of the store. I have spoke to the manager and the ‘garden manager’ on numerous occasions. There are lots of volunteer led not for profit orgs that would bend over backwards, even for just a few dead hanging baskets or pots.


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