Helena Community Fund Is Open for Applications

The latest round of funding from Helena is open to applications. The fund can be used to help people create, plan, manage and organise their own projects – projects that have a lasting impact on people’s lives and the places in which they live.

They consulted with residents at listening days to highlight the priorities which they felt were most appropriate.

The funds priority is to help communities tackle issues which they are facing – examples of the type of project, could be:

  1. A group of young families may be struggling to cook and afford healthy food. So an activity may be to organise a cooking healthy on a budget course.
  2. You may have found a group of older people who are very isolated and want to organise a way for them to stay in touch with relatives using computers.

Please read all the information in the Helena Community Fund guidance notes before you complete the application.

How much can I apply for?

Grants of up to £500 are available, however the fund does not necessarily have to meet the full cost of your project. Applications closing date for the latest round is 31st October 2017

To find out more information and how to apply please visit the Helena Community Fund website.


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