Free Media And PR Support For Charities

Does your Charity need help with communications and PR? Do you have a story to tell but no clue or time? Get a media volunteer from Mediatrust to help you!

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential that you are equipped with the skills and resources to effectively communicate with funders, beneficiaries and the public. Charities and community groups, like all organisations, need marketing and communications support. However, when budgets are stretched and resources are limited it can be challenge. This is where skilled volunteers can provide vital support.

Whether you’re looking for a volunteer to mentor, train or create compelling content, for your charitable organisation or beneficiaries, now you can request help from expert media and creative professionals via Media Trust’s online volunteer service:

  • quickly and easily request volunteers with the skills and knowledge you need to support your communications activities.
  • access skilled professionals from our Corporate Partners, which span the creative and media industry, including; BBC, Trinity Mirror, Facebook, Weber Shandwick and AMV BBDO.
  • select from volunteers that are passionate about your cause and have the unique communications skills and experience you require.

Each year, their skilled volunteers provide free support and advice to thousands of charities across the UK. They share expert knowledge, expertise and time, helping charities to develop their skills, create compelling content and better understand how to gain publicity for causes, communities and beneficiaries.

Whatever your communications needs, their skilled media volunteers will offer you valuable advice, ideas and support to ensure your communications are effective and reach the right audiences.

Volunteers will:

  • Mentor your charity to develop strategies and campaigns that engage your audiences and achieve your communications objectives
  • Train your staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to build their communications skills and capacity
  • Create compelling content for your charity, from films and photography to logos and branding

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  1. Friends of Lyme and wood pit country park would like some advice and support, Cheer’s Catherine


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