Junior Lifesaver Award for Brodie

Brodie Roblin, a pupil at Lyme Community Primary School won a Junior Lifesaver Award from the Ambulance Service for demonstrating calmness under pressure, when she came to the aid of her Granddad, who started to have a heart attack.

Brodie’s Grandad was looking after her when he suddenly started having severe chest pains. He managed to make the 999 call himself but was too breathless to continue and so handed the phone to Brodie.

Brodie took control of the call quickly and calmly and did what was asked of her, making her Grandad as comfortable as possible. Whilst she was on the phone to Emergency Services and waiting for the ambulance, she also used her Grandad’s mobile phone to call her Mum at work and spoke to her quite calmly to notify her of the incident.

When Brodie’s mum arrived home the Paramedics were wheeling Grandad up the ambulance ramp and Brodie was still quite unflustered, although a little bit frightened at this point, but the Paramedics said they were very impressed with her and she’d done extremely well all on her own. She still maintained her composure on the journey to the hospital, albeit very worried about her Grandad.

Because of Brodie’s calm help and the rapid response of the ambulance Brodie’s Grandad has made a full recovery.

Brodie’s Grandad’s darts team were so impressed they had a collection for her to thank her for saving their ‘Star Player’ – they raised £100 for her, but Brodie is going to use the money to set up an Annual Darts Competition with it, The 999 Trophy (in the shape of a heart!) so they can continue to raise money every year for charity and also raise awareness.


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