Have You Say On Pharmacy Services

St Helens Council is in the process of producing a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) and they need your input.

The PNA is a statutory document that presents a picture of pharmacy (you may call them a “chemist”) needs of the local population.

The PNA describes community pharmacies and other providers of pharmacy services, how these services are currently delivered and what the current and potential need is for pharmacy services in St Helens.

The PNA is used to make decisions about whether we allow new pharmacies to open up in St Helens, as well as approving changes to existing pharmacies in St Helens e.g. if they want to move premises or provide more pharmacy services.

The following questions ask about specific sections in the draft St Helens PNA (which is available at http://www.sthelens.gov.uk/pna) so you will need to have sight of this whilst filling in the survey which can be found here https://applications02.sthelens.gov.uk/ConsultationSuite/SurveyIntroduction.aspx?id=481



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