Have Your Say On Proposed Changes To Council Tax Reduction Scheme

St Helens Council is consulting on proposal to amend the Council Tax Reduction Scheme with effect from April 2018.

The Council is responsible for determining a local scheme for working-age households. Central Government, through legislation (referred to as the Prescribed Requirements) sets out the minimum level of support that must be provided to pension-age households.

The current scheme was last approved by Council on 18 January 2017 and incorporates the following elements:

Working-age households:

1. Council tax Reduction is restricted to the lower of 80% of council tax liability or Band D.

2. Applicable amounts, premiums and other allowances are set in line with either the Prescribed Requirements or other social security benefits. Family and child premiums have been retained.

3. War disablement and war pensions are disregarded.

4. Non-dependant deductions are set in accordance with the Prescribed Requirements.

5. Awards below £1 per week are ignored.


Enhancements to the Prescribed Requirements

1. War disablement and war pensions are disregarded

2. The family premium has been retained.

The proposed changes are intended to simplify the scheme whilst continuing to provide support to residents.

View the consultation and share your views via this link https://applications02.sthelens.gov.uk/ConsultationSuite/SurveyIntroduction.aspx?id=477

Responses required by 20th November 2017

There is more information about the Council Tax Reduction Scheme on the Council’s website.



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