Record Export Order Book Caps 10 Years of Export Growth for ATG Access

ATG Access is celebrating 10 years of exporting success with a deal to supply barriers and security solutions for several huge projects across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

ATG Access, a world-leading provider of barriers and bespoke solutions, began exporting ten years ago from its St Helen’s headquarters. Since then, the company’s export business has increased 30-times in value and now supplies 42 countries, manufacturing security products across five different global locations.

The business’ Asian success comes just two years after it started targeting the Japanese market in earnest, and its new projects now include a major power station in Western Japan and a large sports stadium. Nearby to this region, ATG has also secured a considerable project to protect one of the busiest areas of central Shanghai, and to the south, work is currently underway to install hundreds of bollards to protect the latest developments around Changi Airport in Singapore and Datacentres in Thailand.

The middle east continues to be an important focus area for the company and ATG has completed several millions of pounds worth of projects in the last year across the Gulf Region, including Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport (image below) and huge new industrial cities in Saudi Arabia. Export sales from Europe are also growing quickly in light of recent terror attacks, and new projects in Belgium, Amsterdam and Paris highlight the demand in the western part of this continent.

Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport

Revenue from exports continues to grow quickly and the company aims to surpass £10 million worth of sales per annum in the next year.

Glenn Cooper, CEO  of ATG Access, said: “We’re celebrating our tenth year of exporting with an event for partners in Manchester, thanking everyone who has played a role in our incredible success.

“It’s no surprise that worldwide interest in security has increased in recent years, and we’re proud that British design and innovation is playing a major role in keeping people safe.

“We hope our example can be an inspiration for other UK firms that have world-leading products and solutions,.”

ATG Access is now planning its next wave of international expansion, which has already seen it involved with major international projects such as the Ann Frank House in Amsterdam, the Heart of Doha, ‘The Bund’ in Shanghai and holiday developments in Indonesia.

Its latest innovation is an innovative road block system, Surface Guard, which can be quickly and cheaply deployed (image below), yet can withstand the force of a 2,500 kg vehicle travelling at 30 mph.  The system is attracting worldwide interest after its recent launch, as a means to increase security following the recent terrorist attacks that have used vehicles to target crowded public spaces.

Surface Guard system installed

Cooper comments: “By tackling truly global concerns and needs with innovative new products like Surface Guard, we hope to continue our growth in export markets in years to come.

“The world has enormous respect for British design and ingenuity. We should take great pride in our abilities and look at how we can use these skills to both grow our businesses and make the world a better and safer place.”


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