Have Your Say – St Helens Business Priorities Survey 2017

St Helens Chamber has launched its first ever Business Priorities Survey and is inviting St Helens businesses to share their views.

The survey will be used to identify the most pressing issues experienced in the St Helens business community that prevent growth and hamper business development.

St Helens Chamber is eager to hear from businesses about the issues that most concern them whether that be Brexit, foreign exchange rates or employment costs.

The survey will also invite participants to share their ideas about what would improve their growth prospects and be of benefit to the wider St Helens economy.

Tracy Mawson, Deputy Chief Executive at St Helens Chamber said: “The St Helens Business Priorities survey is the first of its kind aimed at addressing the St Helens business community’s concerns.

“Knowing what issues businesses are facing and gathering their ideas about how to improve growth will put St Helens Chamber in a strong position when lobbying and presenting these concerns on the national stage.

“Businesses will also have the opportunity to engage with the Chamber about their concerns on an individual basis. If your businesses is experiencing barriers to growth or is particularly concerned about any regional or national issues, we want to hear from you.”

This survey is a unique opportunity for businesses to outline their specific concerns and ideas, and will also provide a platform for St Helens Chamber to represent local business interests to Government.

To take the survey click here


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