ATG Access Receive Award For Excellence

Haydock based ATG’s efforts to be a driving force to innovate security measures to prevent vehicle ramming attacks & keep people safe has been formally recognised.

Leda Security Products who are ATG’s exclusive partner in Australia, nominated ATG for the Australian Security Industry Awards 2017. ATG’s Surface Mounted technology which has been the result of recent investment in research and design to revolutionise the protection of crowded spaces and temporary events was nominated. 

The technology won the Physical Security Product of the year. Designed to protect pedestrians from targeted vehicle attacks, the new technology has been impact test certified to the IWA 14 standard. Solutions aim to fit into any street scene without requiring any surface bolting or causing any surface damage. Solutions are quick to deploy and remove and do not incur large logistical costs of transporting or lengthy road closures to put systems in place.

Methods are pedestrian permeable and can secure large area spans, successfully protecting people within crowded spaces.    

In the videos below you can see some of the products manufactured by ATG Access in action


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