Review – Headz By 20 Stories High

Award-winning theatre company 20 Stories High returned to St.Helens recently with HEADZ a new series of funny, gritty and heartfelt monologues about the everyday lives of a group of extraordinary young people.

The performance at Parr Library was reviewed by Natalie Bennison

“Headz is a thought-provoking series of intensity-filled, gritty and heartfelt monologues, following the everyday lives of a group of young people. Despite it bringing real-life experiences and problems to the forefront of your mind, it is well-balanced with the well-timed wit and comedy from the actors and actresses.”

The challenging and humorous monologues are contemporary and urban, appealing to a wide range of audiences but particularly targeted at young adults.”

“Each monologue addresses a different issue in todays’ society – Weed is focused on the struggles of addiction, teamed with being able to afford it and the social pressures of drug use. Dates discusses the pros and cons of being young and single, using dating websites, and ‘sleeping around’. Farm brings the issue of homelessness and sleeping rough to the forefront, and whether the generosity of the people is really as it seems.”

“The young actors and actresses at 20 Stories High are incredible, and the way they articulate each monologue is enough to make you believe that what they are discussing, are their real-life issues. What 20 Stories High do with their work and their scripts is phenomenal, and I believe it is so important to keep shining a light on societies issues, making young people more and more aware of the different paths in life.”

“20 Stories High remain impartial, neither swaying your opinion on the issues here nor there, allowing you to leave with an open-mind, ready to make your own judgements.”

“If you EVER get the chance to go and see ANY of the work that 20 Stories High do, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Each time is a truly thought-provoking, yet funny performance, that is relevant to the world we live in today!”

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