PCL Rolls Out Expanded GKN Wheels Contract

Local firm, PCL Industrial Cleaning and Coating is rolling out an expanded partnership with Telford-based GKN Wheels and Structures – preparing thousands of wheels a day for off-highway vehicle manufacturers and distributors.

PCL provides one of the most advanced and environmentally-considerate cleaning and painting processes to businesses across a range of industries, from offshore oil and gas platforms to delicate aerospace and food processing equipment.

It has invested heavily in new equipment, and is now supplying a complete range of surface preparation services for wheel finishing, directly in to the GKN production line.

“A change in the ready supply of prepared steel for wheel production in recent years means that processes in turn have changed, with all constituent parts now being prepared by us on site at GKN in Telford,” said Colin Atkins, Managing Director of PCL Industrial Cleaning and Coating.

“As a consequence, PCL has committed considerable investment in the plant for a five-year contract extension and expansion. This advanced approach means production of a better surface profile meaning an even higher-quality powder coat finish.

“GKN is far and away the world’s leading supplier of off-highway wheels, which perhaps endorses PCL’s capabilities. We’re of course delighted.”

Duncan Varnes, Site Director for GKN Wheels & Structures, Telford, said: “As a company based in the UK’s industrial heartland, we are committed to supporting fellow British businesses and service providers, and as a significant manufacturer we are extremely conscious of the positive knock-on effects through the employment chain as a consequence.

“What’s more, PCL has demonstrated in the most practical terms that they are capable of providing a level of expertise which enables us to produce an even better wheel.”

PCL’s processes involve high volume solids paints, which, contrary to industrial beliefs, reduce the overall production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). PCL Industrial Cleaning and Coating Ltd was established in 1998 and provides industrial cleaning, preparation, painting and coating services for offshore, rail, automotive, food, printing and general industrial equipment, machinery and plant owners and operators.

Main photo – L/r, Dave Hatton, GKN Wheels & Structures Head of Procurement; Duncan Varnes, GKN Site Director; Colin Atkins, PCL.


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