Davanti Unveil New Winter Tyre Range

When Newton-Le-Willows based Davanti Tyres first launched across Ireland and the UK two years ago, they came with a clear message; to create a range of tyre patterns and sizes to allow UK dealers to maximise their sales. After expanding their summer range from the original two patterns up to six, Davanti have now launched their range of Wintoura winter tyres with the aim of giving their dealers year-round range coverage.

The UK & Irish winter market though only a small part of total sales has remained very stable over the past 5 years. One thing that has changed is the emergence of quality mid-range brands like Davanti to challenge the previous premium stronghold on this part of the market.

Whilst the Uk & Irish winter’s are almost impossible to predict, Davanti have created their range of four individual patterns specifically designed for different vehicle applications. Davanti, throughout all their products, have invested heavily in research, development and testing before launching their products; and the Davanti Wintoura range is no exception. Development has been a process which has spanned the last three years and final testing was completed at Test World Oy, Finland earlier this year.

Video – Davanti took it’s new range of winter tyres to the far north of Finland, to test them to the limit.

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director, UK & Ireland at Davanti Tyres said, “It has been a long road from an initial concept to production but it has been worth spending the extra time to launch these high quality and performance enhanced winter tyres’. The results of this stringent testing method means that the Davanti Wintoura range performs across the whole range of winter conditions, from the extremes of Snow and Ice, to the more common Uk & Irish conditions of single-digit centigrade temperatures. Sean added, “The Wintoura range joins our highly successful summer tyre range in most European markets and each one is specially designed for their specific application and has been tested in the most extreme winter conditions.”

The four patterns span the HP, UHP, SUV and Commercial market segments and will be available in the UK and across Europe in time for the 2017 winter season. The four patterns in the range are the Wintoura, Wintoura+, Wintoura SUV and Wintoura Van. The launch of Davanti’s winter range takes the total number of sizes/fitments to over 250, but their ambitious plans don’t stop there. 2018 will see further investment in their range in terms of new sizes in their existing patterns and also developments into new market segments.

Peter Cross, Davanti’s General Manager concludes, “We have delivered a fantastic range of products across the market and are already emerged as a competitive option against more established brands. Our growing number of dealers continue to support and embrace our growth momentum and Davanti is now looking towards further coverage across the whole of Europe in due course.”


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