Tractor War Art Project To Remember Womens Land Army

If you’ve been out and about in the Bold Heath area recently you may well have spotted an old tractor adorned with poppies. It’s the work of local artist Caroline Jones to show support for the Womens Land Army, who served during WW1 and WW2.

We spoke with Caroline to find out more, she said “The idea for the Tractor came from my interest in farming & that my Grandparents met in World War 2 & they got married.”

“My husband, Anthony, bought me the Nuffield Vintage Tractor so I could do an Art Installation for the British Women’s Land Army & also would make a beautiful canvas for Hundreds of poppies in support of the Soldiers & the Women’s Land Army.”

“I have traditional red poppies for our Troops, white ones for peace, yellow for friendship & purple to support the War horse.”

The tractor is on display outside Brookview Livery Farm in Bold Heath, where she lives with her husband Anthony.

Caroline’s Facebook

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